My Art

I was born in Wetherby West Yorkshire in 1960. I was brought up around wildlife and we had lots of animals on a small holding. I have always appreciated art in all forms. I started painting and drawing following a period of depression and have been enjoying art ever since. I have not had any formal art training but have enjoyed classes in all mediums. I started as a watercolourist and now enjoy most mediums. I have recently started pottery and love sculpture.


I loved this medium from the start and the technique of wet into wet especially. I am trying to be loose and love the blending of the colours on the paper. My aim is to become looser and slightly more abstract. Experimenting with colour and shade rather than form. I hope you enjoy my work.

Pottery and Acrylic

I have been doing pottery for the about 18 months now under the tuition of Fiona Swepson at Hopscotch Pottery near Spalding. I have enjoyed making pots and understanding this different medium. I have made a fountain spout Pigs head (our house is called the sty because it is always untidy) for the garden and enjoy sculpting in clay.

Acrylic is a newish medium for me, completely different to watercolour in a lot of ways. I enjoy the blending of colours and the vibrancy you can achieve with this medium.

Sketching and Drawing

I love sketching. I try never to be without paper or one of my sketch books. I have a short lunch break (30 minutes) and 2-3 times a week I try to do a sketch of the country side, a tree, building or an animal from photographs my husband has taken (I always carry a few around with my bag containing sketch pad and pens). For this last year I have concentrated on my drawing and use only pens to draw so I am unable to hide my mistakes/inaccuracies.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries.

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